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General information

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Data requirements

See full data requirements in the following table. Please note, that there are separate tabs for every entry at the bottom of the table. 

Onboarding process

The GG4L Onboarding process for Alexandria integration consists of the following steps:

1. Onboarding initiation

Firstly, you need to fill in and submit the Onboarding form.

Caution: Provide GG4L with classes that have been identified as homerooms for students. This step is critical in the integration process.

Once the form is submitted, GG4L will offer you an Introductory meeting to discuss all the integration details and help you with onboarding.

2. Roster data integration

Upon submission of the form, you will receive SIS Data Integration instructions within 24 hours. These instructions guide you on how to set up the data-sharing integration between your SIS and the School Passport. Before you begin sharing data with School Passport, please ensure that you review the data requirements. Once the data is synchronized, we will validate and check its quality before proceeding with the sharing process. If any details need clarification, the GG4L Customer Support Representative will contact you.

3. Alexandria activation and configuration 

Once the data is successfully imported to the School Passport, you will receive activation and configuration instructions for the Alexandria.