Syndication of Resources is used for organization-wide resources or for the ones that do not need to be licensed.  Syndication is particularly helpful in large organizations where resources need to be provisioned to different types of sub-organizations. When using syndication in a large organization it is best to start with a template for a standard set of resources.  Let’s assume, for example, that there is a set of applications that should only be assigned to students in elementary schools. One would begin by creating a role template for elementary students:

  1. Log in to School Passport and navigate to the AppStore and click the ADD ROLE button.
  2. When the New Role popup window opens, give the template role a name, such as “Template El Student”.  Take care to limit the template role name to 20 characters maximum.
  3. Next, assign the desired applications to the template role.
  4. From the template role, click the SYNDICATE button.
    Screenshot 2022-05-23 at 10.18 1
  5. The Passport Layout Syndication window will appear.
  6. Click the checkbox to the left of each targeted sub-organization, and then choose the target role for each checked sub-organization.  Check the Overwrite layout in target organization(s) checkbox if you wish to overwrite applications in the target role and sub-organization.

    School Passport analyzes the target organization and role to see if a Connector exists in a like target folder. If it exists, and you choose to overwrite it, the Connector from the source (syndicated) folder will replace the Connector found in the target.
  7. After identifying the target role in all target sub-organizations, click the “Next” button to complete the syndication.