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Configuring Coursera Application

Before you start configuring Coursera on Connect (Data Sync) module in School Passport, you need to receive the API Credentials document from the Coursera team to get credentials from Coursera Developer Console.


When you receive the API credentials file from the Coursera team, follow the instructions below:

  1. Use the link for Type->Org Api URL and enter the Coursera Account email and password in the appropriate fields.

  2. After you get a 404 error, please paste the same link from the Org API URL in the website address bar.

  3. You should see the following Developer Console window. Click the I AGREE button to proceed:

  4. Choose the appropriate organization (University/College) name. On a sample below, it's "Canada College".

  5. Select the API Application tab:

  6. Copy the Client ID and Secret Key values.


Now, once you possess all the needed credentials, you can start the Coursera configuration process in the Connect module.


To configure Coursera, follow the instructions below:

  1. Log in to your account in GG4L School Passport.
  2. Locate the Coursera application in Application Gallery and click the ACTIVATE button.
  3. The Delivery Config screen appears. Start filling up the required fields: the first two links should be filled with the info from the Developer Console; the other three values need to be taken from the API Credentials document emailed by the Coursera team representative.

    One can customize additional settings for the configuration by clicking the ADVANCED SETTINGS button.

    Note: for more information on Granular Grade Sync check this article.

  4. Click the TEST CONNECTION button. If the connection is ok, proceed with programs mapping (the programs are reflected as schools on the Connect platform).
  5. The next step is Schools Mapping (Schools equals Coursera Programs). Select all or individual programs that are to be used in the LMS integration. To choose an individual program just drag the button slider to the right.  To select all, click the AUTO MAPPING button.

  6. Please, leave the Attributes Mapping section as it is set up by default, so that the data is properly synchronised from Coursera to the Connect platform. 


    To finish the configuration click the FINISH CONFIGURATION button at the top right corner of the screen.

  7. Leave the rest of the settings by default. Set the Sync Schedule on a corresponding step at least 15 minutes before the LMS app sync and click Finish configuration.
  8. Once the configuration is completed, go to the Coursera app and hit the “Run Sync” button.