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Configuring Qwiklabs Application

When the roster data is imported into the School Passport, you can start the configuration of the Qwiklabs learning platform.

To set up the Qwiklabs, follow the instructions below:

  1. Log in to your account in GG4L School Passport.
  2. To activate the Qwiklabs application from Application Gallery contact GG4L Customer Support.
  3. You will be prompted to the following Delivery Config screen. Click on the TEST CONNECTION button to check the connection status. If the "Connection is okay", click on the arrow icon at the bottom to proceed.

  4. The next step is Schools mapping. Press on the Create New Qwiklabs School toggle in front of the necessary school from the GG4L School list. Qwiklabs equivalent will be created. You can edit its name if needed. When set, press the arrow icon to proceed.


    Note: Once the school is activated, you will not be able to deactivate it.

  5. In the Qwiklabs Courses tab, click on the “Enter Course title” field and choose the necessary course from the dropdown. On a sample below, it’s the “Google IT Support Professional Certificate”. Pay attention, that having chosen the parent course, the child courses that are included will be added. When selected, go to the next step.

  6. In the Qwiklabs Classes tab, click on the pencil icon to start creating and editing sessions.

  7. On the details screen, click on the “Enter Class Name” field, and the classes dropdown list from the previously mapped school should appear. Select the needed class and adjust the field “Qwiklabs Class Name” if needed, add the approximate end date of the course and then click the DONE button.

  8. Click “Generate” to auto-generate the same name and dates for all of the 5 Qwiklabs classes (modules). There might be a different scenario of mapping each Certificate Course to a different class, so automapping will not work here. If you need to map each Qwiklabs module to a different course, click Cancel and proceed with mapping the next classes and modules. Check the information, if everything is set correctly, click the DONE button.

  9. Leave the rest of the settings by default. Set the Sync Schedule on a corresponding step at least 15 minutes before the LMS app sync and click Finish configuration.
  10. Once the configuration is completed, go to the Qwiklabs app and hit the “Run Sync” button.