Viewing Requests

Check the application's consents to understand any changes made to its shared data

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View request history

Statuses of requests

Understanding data-sharing request

Tracking data-sharing requests provides control throughout the approval process, allowing you to monitor progress and stay informed about their status.

View request history

To access requests related to the application, navigate to the Consents tab on the application page.

consents list

Statuses of requests

Tracking requests allows you to monitor its progress and stay informed about where it stands in the approval process.

The request has the following statuses:

  • Approved: A request was approved and processed.

  • Rejected: A request was rejected by you or a Vendor.

  • Awaiting your review: A new request from a Vendor that requests to change your shared data.

  • Pending approval: Your data-sharing request to a district/vendor app, which hasn't been approved yet.

Understanding data-sharing request

When opening a specific request, you will browse its details. In this request, you can review the changes made to the data-sharing process. The labeling of changes is as follows:


  • Green: The data was added to the data-sharing process.

  • Red: The data was removed from the data-sharing process.