Consent Statuses

Audience: ✅District Admin      ✅Vendor Admin

To view requests you've made or requests awaiting your approval that have been sent to you by a district, on the district’s page go to the Consents tab. The request has the following statuses:

  • Approved. A request was approved and processed.

  • Rejected. A request was rejected by the district/vendor admin.

  • Awaiting your review. A new request from districts that want to connect your app/vendors that want to get access to your data.

  • Pending approval. Your data-sharing request to a district/vendor app, that hasn't been approved yet.

To browse its details, select consent. On the Data Access Consent, the labeling of changes is the following:

  1. Green. The data was added to the data-sharing process.

  2. Red. The data was removed from the data-sharing process.

Also, you can view denied data from the district > :gear: Sync settings > Data requirements tab. Denied data are marked with a  :error_circle_icon: sign.