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Schoology LTI Advantage Integration via GG4L School Passport for Coursera courses

Coursera courses can be integrated into Schoology using LTI 1.3 technology. Once a Coursera course(s) is enabled in the Schoology environment, users will be able to perform Single Sign-On (SSO) to Coursera course(s) right from the Schoology learning management system (LMS) and learning results will be synced from Coursera to Schoology.

The integration steps are the following:

  1. Configure Coursera course as an LTI tool;
  2. Publish Coursera courses in your LMS;
  3. Access Coursera courses from Schoology.

The detailed instructions are given below.

Configuring Coursera Course as an LTI tool

  1. Login to Schoology as an Administrator.
  2. Navigate to https://[schoology_domain_name]/apps/profile/6532276415 to find the LTI Application.
  3. On the application view, click “Install LTI 1.3 App”
  4. Click “I Agree” and “Continue” in the “Install LTI 1.3 App” modal windows, then  “Add to organization”.

  5. Find the application in the list of Organisation Apps and click “Configure”
  6. Copy the Deployment ID, share the copied value with the GG4L Customer Support (support@gg4l.com) via email, and click Save Settings”:
  7. Go back to the “Organization Apps” view, click “Instal/Remove”, check the checkbox “All Courses” and hit “Submit”:
  8. A pop-up window will inform you about successful App activation:

Publishing Coursera courses in your LMS

This section describes publishing Coursera Course(s) into a Schoology course.

  1. On the Course view page, click “Add Materials” in the Materials tab, and choose the GG4L Connect LTI Advantage application that was activated in the previous steps.
  2. A new window with the content will open; please choose the necessary Coursera program and the course you need to publish, scroll down, and click Submit”:
  3. The link is now published in the Materials section:

Accessing Coursera Course from Schoology

  1. To access the Coursera course, the LMS learner should navigate to the corresponding Schoology course and click the link to the Coursera course in the Materials view:

    Please note: we recommend opening the link in a new tab, so that the user can go back to their Schoology page.

  2. Once the student has opened the link in a new tab, an anonymized Coursera account will be created. At this step, the user is prompted to complete enrollment into the Coursera Learning Program. All that needs to be done, is to click Continue:

  3. Once the anonymized Coursera account is created, the student will be navigated to the respective Coursera course page and can start the learning process.