Configuring Email Notifications for Your Organization

Stay informed with School Passport's email notifications for District Admins.

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Who receives email notifications

Email notification events

Configure email notifications for your organization

You can subscribe to email notifications that School Passport will send to District Admins in your organization. School Passport allows numerous email notification options, including for events like receiving data-sharing requests, special offer activation, and so on. You cannot edit the content of the notification emails.


You can also customize these email notifications for your personal use in My Profile > Email Notifications. If there are conflicting settings between these two places, personal email settings take priority over the organization settings.

Who receives default email notifications?

Default email notifications are sent to all newly created District Admins in your organization. Please note that you cannot change the list of recipients.

Email notification events

Default email notification supports the following events for which you can configure email notifications:

  • Data Access Request: Notifies approval, rejection, or new requests in your district.
  • On-Demand/Special Offer Activation: Notifies when the process of connecting with an app has been activated  (typically taking around 24 hours for vendors to finalize preparations), or when the activation has been completed (usually within 24 hours).
  • Privacy Policy: Notifies if the vendor updates the privacy policy document.
  • Safety Threshold: Notifies if the system detects significant changes during the data sync. If the changes exceed the set limits that have been set on the Delivery Config tab of the Application configuration settings, you will receive a notification where you will have to approve or reject the data-sharing process.
  • Institution Validation: Notifies you about the expiration of your data access, any connectivity issues, and provides daily summaries.

Configure email notifications for your organization

  1. Navigate to the Connect.
  2. Go to the Administration > Default Email Notifications.
  3. Choose the events for which you wish your organization to receive notifications.
  4. Click Save.