Default Email Notifications

The Default Email Notifications tab allows users to configure organization-level subscriptions, which are set by default for new Admin accounts. 

The user can configure receiving emails in the case of data access request updates, on-demand/special offer activation, privacy notice updates, safety threshold updates, or institution validation updates.

Data Access Request notification type - email notifications about whether Data Access Request has been approved or rejected; also, when a new Data Access Request has been sent to your district.

On-Demand/Special Offer Activation notification type - informs that the process of connecting with an app is either in progress (usually, it takes around 24 hours for the vendors to prepare everything on their side), or the activation has been made (usually, after 24 hours).

Privacy Policy notification type - you will receive notifications if the vendor updates the privacy policy document.

Safety Threshold notification type - you will receive notifications if the system detects significant changes during the data sync. If the changes exceed the set limits that have been set on the Delivery Config tab of the Application configuration settings, you will receive a notification where you will have to approve or reject the data sharing process.

Institution Validation notification type - notifications related to your data access expiration time; notices about connectivity problems and daily digests.


Note: These are default notification setups and will be applied for new admin accounts. The same email notification settings are available in the My Profile section. If the settings will be set up differently in two places, the My Profile section's settings will be prioritized over the Administration settings.