Discover how to integrate with HeroesMade app through School Passport.

heroesMade Transform SEL in Elementary Schools Worldwide with our 'Three Click Solution,' featuring a powerful impact and proven methods. Teachers value zero-prep lessons and flexible teaching approaches (Insightful Conversations, Activities, Interactive Exercises, or Reflective Thinking - Metacognition), all while gaining valuable student assessment insights. Students embark on their SEL journey by expressing themselves in the Hero Journal, becoming heroes in engaging, personalized avatar-driven age-appropriate stories during lessons.

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General information

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Onboarding process 

General information

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Vendor company name

Heroes Made

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Integration type


Supports Data Schema

OneRoster API

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Supported IdP's for SSO

Google, Office 365 / Azure, Microsoft ADFS, Clever



Data requirements

See full data requirements in the following table. Please note, that there are separate tabs for every entry at the bottom of the table. 

Integration process

The GG4L Onboarding integration process for Heroes Made consists of the following steps:

1. Setting the Student data import from your school to GG4L.

A) The school IT person fills in and submits the Onboarding form. Once the form is submitted, GG4L will offer you an Introductory meeting to talk about all the integration details and help you with onboarding.

B) Upon submission of the form, you will receive SIS Data Integration instructions within 24 hours. These instructions guide you on how to set up the data-sharing integration between your SIS and the School Passport. School IT person will also receive credentials to GG4L school portal.

Before you begin sharing data with School Passport, please ensure that you review the data requirements. Once the data is imported, we will validate and check its quality before proceeding with the sharing process. If any details need clarification, the GG4L Customer Support Representative will contact you.

Normally, we support data import from more than 40 world wide student information systems (SIS - see the list). Depending on the SYS type indicated, the school rep will be provided the respective instructions to set up the import.
We could establish API connection or set up a .CSV files delivery

If your SIS type is not supported 'out-of-the-box' by GG4L, we would ask your school for options to arrange your data in one of supported CSV formats, providing SFTP location to upload those CSVs.

GG4L supports 2 CSV data standard. Please see templates, adapted to Heroes Made data requirements:
OneRoster CSV
BasicRoster CSV

If your school or your SIS support cannot accomodate any of the mentioned schemas, please provide your tech contact in your SIS -> GG4L will work with your SIS reps to set up import for your school.

If none of the options to set up an import from your SIS work, GG4L will ask you on any document containing student information, which could be available from your SIS.
GG4L will try adopt the document to the CSV data schemas supported by GG4L.

Timeframes of step 1 depending on the SIS:

  • If supported by GG4L: 1-3 work days
  • If not supported by GG4L, but expected CSVs provided by school: 1-2 work days since provision
  • If neither supported by GG4L, nor expected CSVs provided by school: *not specified
    *time depends on variables: school SIS assistance to set up an expected CSVs; GG4L transforming the custom data, provided by school; technical communication difficulties, etc.

2. Aproval of data share to Heroes Made.

Once the data is imported and validated by GG4L support agent, School should approve the data sharing request from Heroes Made (respective instructions will be provided by GG4L support agent).

Timeframes of step 2:
1-2 hours

3. SSO set-up

To enjoy the seamless SSO to Heroes Made, GG4L support agent will promt school on what identity service is used in School (Google, Azure (Office 365), Active directory, or other logins).

GG4L agent will need to make sure that the emails imported are matching the ones in Schools Identity service. If matching - the SSO set up deemed as completed.

Timeframes of step 3:

If emails on import and Schools identity service ones match: 1-2 hours
If not matching - extra merge of data is needed: 1-2 days*

*GG4L support agent is to provide instructions to school

4. Final testing

Once Heroes Made confirms the data has been delivered to Heroes Made, please check the SSO to Heroes Made (THE ). If School users are able to log in successfully, the integration is deemed completed.

Timeframes of step 4: normally - 1-2 hours

The integration timeframe depends on variables on each step.
If smooth, the whole integration process for all steps might take 1-2 days