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Rostering (Data Integration) Applications

Discover how rostering applications can assist data management between schools and EdTech vendors.

Rostering applications make it easy to transfer data from your Student Information System (SIS) to the School Passport platform. This data then goes to your connected rostering apps. This keeps all your apps up-to-date with the latest roster data, due to the Secure Data Sync of data from the School Passport Connect.

How does it work?

The roster data sync process has four steps:

  1. Your school district sends data from its student information system (SIS) to School Passport's Connect using API or by SFTP upload.
  2. District Admin chooses which data to share with specific applications, sets how long it's available, and decides on privacy settings.
  3. The applications pull the data from School Passport's Connect, usually once a day.
  4. Student, teacher, and staff accounts are automatically created in the applications. Any changes made in the SIS are regularly updated in the applications through School Passport.

Types of rostering applications

There are three types of applications:

  • Import Apps: These applications import data from the organization's SIS or data source to the Connect module.
  • Export Apps: These applications share data from the Connect module with vendors.
  • 2-way Sync Apps: These applications connect to a provider (Vendor, SIS, LMS, or Google Workspace). They import data from the provider and share it with another application through School Passport. Then, any updates or new data (like grades) from the other application are sent back to the provider.