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Schoology - Coursera Integration over LTI [1.1]

Coursera courses can be integrated into Schoology using LTI 1.1 technology. Once a Coursera course(s) is enabled in the Schoology environment, following the instructions in this article, users will be able to perform Single Sign-On (SSO) to Coursera course(s) right from the Schoology learning management system (LMS) and learning results will be synced from Coursera to Schoology.

The integration steps are the following:

  1. Configure Coursera course as an LTI tool;
  2. Publish Coursera courses in your LMS;
  3. Access Coursera courses from Schoology.

The detailed instructions are given below.

Configuring Coursera Course as an LTI tool

  1. Login to the Schoology as an Administrator.
  2. Click on “App Center” menu item then choose “Add App” under the “My Developers Apps” section.
  3. Enter the following information in the External tool configuration section:
    Type of App – Lti App
    Uncheck "Launch app in Schoology" 
    App name: Coursera
    Description: optional
    Category: choose the appropriate one
    Available for: Only people in my school
    Can be installed for: Courses
    Privacy: Send Name and Email/Username of user who launches the tool
    LTI Advantage Extensions:
    check “Deep linking
    check “Assignment and Grade Services
    (These checkboxes can be enabled by contacting Schoology Client Success Managers or Support team for no charge).
    Configuration Type: Manual
    Domain URL: https://api.gg4l.com/datahub/services/ims/lti/deep_link
    Check “This application meets the Schoology Terms of Use

  4. On the application view click “Install LTI App”
  5. Click “I Agree” and “Continue” in the “Install LTI App” modal windows, then  “Add to organization”.
  6. Select the application, click “Configure”
  7. Enter the following details and click on “Save settings”:
    Consumer Key (provided by GG4L)

    Shared Secret (provided by GG4L

    Custom Parameters: ltiType=Schoology

  8. On the “Organization Apps” view click on “Instal/Remove” for All Courses

Publishing Coursera courses in your LMS

This section describes publishing Coursera Course(s) into a Schoology course.

  1. On the Course view, click on “Add Materials”, choose the Coursera application that was created in the previous steps.
  2. Select the desired course and click  "Submit".
  3. The link to the respective Coursera course will appear in the list of Schoology course materials.
  4. Repeat the steps for the rest of the available Coursera courses.

Accessing Coursera Course from Schoology

  1. To access the Coursera course the LMS learner should navigate to the corresponding Schoology course and launch the application from the Materials view.
  2. If a user is not enrolled in the Coursera program then a user is prompted to complete enrollment. 

    In case a user already has a Coursera account then a system will ask a user to provide an email address and a password for the existing account.image16

    If a user is new to Coursera then a system will prompt a user to choose a password.

  3. Once a user establishes an association with the Coursera program then he will be navigated to a respective Coursera course page.