April, 2024 Release Notes


Resolved timezone conflict 

Audience: All

No more timezone conflicts when exporting gradebook data from PowerSchool to GG4L to D2L.

Improvement gradebook data deletion

Audience: All

GG4L now provides improvements for gradebook data deletion to optimize the process of syncing and updating. This ensures that only relevant and current gradebook data is kept within the system.


PII Shield updates

Audience: District Admins

The School Passport PII Shield has been updated:

  • Changed email masking: Masked domains now contain the district's GUID (GG4L ID).
  • Updates Data Requirements page: Report if missing checkboxes are now Required.
See PII Shield: Mask Personal Data

Availability Buzz application

Audience: District Admins

Buzz LMS is now accessible through School Passport. With this update, district users can integrate Buzz with Coursera using LTI 1.3 to easily access Coursera courses directly from Buzz, enabling SSO and automatic synchronization of learning results between Coursera and Buzz LMS. See Buzz - Coursera Integration over LTI.

Safer Connect SFTP service

Audience: All

Improved security in Connect SFTP now safeguards against brute-force attacks, decreasing the risk of unauthorized access through repeated login attempts