PowerSchool: Import Co-Teachers

This article explains how to include Co-Teachers in the PowerSchool to School Passport synchronization.

Audience: District Admin 
PowerSchool enables co-teaching by enrolling multiple teachers in a single section: lead teachers and additional staff/teachers (сo-teachers). To import co-teachers from PowerSchool to School Passport, complete the following steps:
  1. Share Co-Teacher identifiers
  2. Receive and update the PowerSchool plugin
  3. Activate the Sync Co-teachers in the School Passport

Share Co-Teacher identifiers 

To initiate the co-teachers exchange, first, locate their identifiers (SectionTeacher.roleId) and then provide these identifiers to the GG4L Customer Support team for PowerSchool plugin modification. To find the “SectionTeacher.roleId” value, do the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your PowerSchool instance.
  2. On the Start Page, choose the appropriate school name (not a District Office) from the School menu.
    PowerSchool_Select School
  3. Choose School under Setup, and then under Scheduling click Sections.  
  4. Choose the section (course) name from the courses menu. 
    PowerSchool_School Setup _ Sections
  5. Click the section number in the Sec# column
    PowerSchool_School Setup _ Sections _ Section
  6. Under Teacher - Section Lead section, right-click on the Lead Teacher field and select Inspect.
  7. The DevTools opens the Elements panel and selects the "Lead Teacher” row. Сopy the value displayed directly above the identified row.
  8. Send the copied value to support@gg4l.com.

Receive and update the PowerSchool plugin

When you receive the modified plugin from the Support Team, update it in your PowerSchool instance. After that, copy the new OAuth credentials and proceed with the next step.

Activate the Sync Co-teachers feature in School Passport

  1. Sign in to School Passport > Connect.
  2. Select the desired PowerSchool app.
  3. Click  Settings-1 Settings.
  4. Replace the OAuth credentials:
    PowerSchool_Delivery Config_OAuth Credentials 
    • Service URL: Your PowerSchool instance URL. For example, https://exampleURL.powerschool.com.
    • OAuth Client ID and Client Secret: New PowerSchool plugin OAuth Credentials.
  5. Click Advanced Settings.
  6. Select Sync Co-Teachers.

  7. Click Save.

The  Co-teachers feature is enabled successfully. After the next data sync, Co-teachers will be assigned to the related section (course) and become available in your School Passport. 

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