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Create your Parent Portal Account

Learn how to create an account on the Parent Portal, to log in with local credentials.

Caution: You don't need to create a Parent Portal account to sign in with Google or Facebook.

Audience: ✅Parent/Guardian  

If you are not using Google and Facebook login methods, you can customize access to the Parent Portal using your School Passport credentials, such as your Username and Password. 

To first-time access the Parent Portal, you need to create an account and enter your credentials.

  1. Contact your District or School Admin.
  2. Upon approval, you will receive an email invitation. To continue with account setup, click a link in an email. Please note that a link is valid for ‌30‌ ‌days.

    Note: If multiple children are enrolled in the same school district, you will receive separate invitations for each child.

  3. Choose your preferred verification method to confirm your identity. You can select either phone or email verification. Once selected, a verification code will be sent to your phone or email. Please note that the verification code is valid for 15 minutes.
    Parent Account Setup_Select validation method
  4. Enter a received verification code and click Submit.
    Parent Account Setup_Enter verification code
  5. Type desired Username and Password and click Submit.
    Parent Account Setup_Type Usernme and password
  6. Click Continue to sign in with created credentials.
    Parent Account Setup_Continue

The creation of your Parent Portal account is complete. You are now ready to access and utilize the account with your School Passport credentials.

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