CSV Upload

Audience: ✅District Admin      ✖️Vendor Admin

You can use CSV (comma-separated values) files to import data into your School Passport. When you use a CSV file, you can perform manual import of a large number of records.

Your CSV files must meet Basic (Clever-like) or One Roster standards.

When you don't want to import CSV files via the SFTP server, the alternative is a CSV Upload application.

Note: CSV Upload application does not support automated data import, data can be imported only manually

To import CSV files using CSV Upload:

  1. Export CSV files from your SIS in one of the supported formats: Basic (Clever-like) or One Roster. 


    Generate manually CSV files that meet the requirements in terms of structure and format.

  2. In the Application Gallery, find and activate CSV upload app.

  3. Activate the Application:

  4. Choose the preferred Data Schema (Basic Roster or IMS OneRoster 1.1) in the Delivery Config Tab:
  5. Click Next and Adjust the rest of the settings if needed.

    Once completed, click Finish:

  6. You are now redirected to the app overview page.

    Tip: On the Name panel, CSV file names for the selected data schema are displayed. The obligatory ones are marked with an * symbol. The data will not be uploaded unless all required files were added.

    To upload files, drag and drop your CSV file into the respective area or choose the path to the CSV files manually by clicking Upload files.

  7. Optional: If you have new schools in the data set, the Schools Mapping dialog appears. Customize how to import schools into School Passport and click Save&Run. For more details, see Schools Mapping.


Your CSV files were successfully imported into your School Passport.