Data Browsing Overview

To get to Data Browsing click the menu button > and choose the Data Browsing section from the list.

There are three subsections:

  • Rostering (subsection that allows you to manage all rosters data);
  • Gradebook (subsection that allows you to manage the exchange of the grades-related data);
  • Resource (subsection that provides the ability to manage the allocation of resources to classes, courses, and users. Contains a description of a resource with sufficient information as well as a resource itself).



In the Rostering subsection, you can see all information browsed on School Passport Connect from your data source. The information is sorted by different entities: Schools, Students, Contacts, Teachers, Courses, Classes, Calendars, Groups, and Admins. On each tab of the entity, corresponding related information is displayed. You can customize the information displayed for the related entity. To do that, click the highlighted icon:


After clicking, the Details screen appears. Select the attributes you want to display and click the APPLY button to save changes or CANCEL to stop customization.

image 1
To easily search for data, filters are provided. Click on the “Filters”, select the attributes you need, select the required condition, enter the value related to the attribute, and filter the data.

If you click on the record from the list of the data, you will get to the detailed screen of the specific record. There are two tabs with the various details: overview & history.


The Overview tab displays all information related to the record. For example, if it's a student's record the following information will be displayed: Main Information, Enrollments, Contact Information, Demographics, Classes. Identifiers (such as SIS ID, State ID, Student Number), contacts (parents or guardians), and additional student information are placed in separate blocks at the right part of the screen.

The History tab displays information related to the record’s changes. The information is displayed in separate blocks corresponding to one data synchronization at a time.

You can filter the sync history by a specific attribute.

Once you choose the date of data sync or set up the attribute name you need, you can track how the desired entry attributes have been changed (Previous Value - value before the data sync; Current Value - value after the data sync).



In the Gradebook subsection, one can review the data related to the grades received by the students. This section displays the data of those students who have passed a course and have already received a score/a grade. Those who have not received a grade yet would not be displayed here.

The Gradebook has the following subsections: line items, results, assessment line items, assessment results, score scales, and categories.

Line items are the connections between the course (Coursera or Qwiklabs) and the student's enrollment in the LMS. The number of line items is equal to the number of courses taken by the students.

Similar filters as in Rostering subsection are available for Line Items filtering.

Screenshot 2022-04-25 at 22.07 1

Clicking on the item from the list, you will get to the detail screen with the information related to that specific line item. There are Overview and History tabs that display the details and the history of changes of the line item accordingly.

Group 1 1

The Results section shows the results of each student for each course.