How can I set up a Filter Rule for SIS (Import) App?

Product: SP Connect (Data-Sync) Module

Privileges: Primary Admin privileges


Data Filtering functionality provides you with the possibility to filter data for three types of applications, related to Import, Export, and 2-way Sync. You can customize data filtering by different entity types. There are seven entity types: student, contact, teacher, course, class, calendar, and admin. To make the filtering process easier to use the ready-made templates are provided. In the ready-made templates, the additional attributes for more accurate filtering are present. Also, you can add a Custom Filter where custom attributes and conditions can be used.


To set up a Filter Rule for SIS (Import) App, follow the instruction below:

  1. Login to your School Passport  profile, and navigate Connect (Data-Sync) module;
  2. In the Home section, click on the SIS  icon and choose the Filter Rules tab;
  3. Hit the “+Add Filter Rule”. A configuration screen will appear.
  4. Choose the entity type based on which you want to filter data (student, contact, teacher, course, class, calendar, admin);

  5. Once you have selected the required entity, you will be prompted to choose the ready-made templates (based on the most popular attributes utilized for filtering a particular entity). If you do not find the required attributes, select the "Custom Filter by...";

  6. In the parameters window, fill in mandatory fields such as Attributes, Condition, Value, and choose the Included Linked. The Included Linked parameter determines which data entities will be filtered alongside for which filtering rule is configured;
  7. The configuration rule can be configured based on several attributes. To add another, click on “+Add Filter”.
  8. Once the configuration process is complete, click on the DONE button (right top corner of the parameter window) and then click on the SAVE button to apply changes.