January, 2024 Release notes


Support class codes and names

GG4L now supports class codes and names according to Toronto Ministry of Boards standards. This enhancement provides seamless collaboration with Canadian customers by meeting local standards.

Extended PowerSchool SIS data scheme

Audience: District Admin

Districts can now import a wider range of information from PowerSchool SIS by using custom fields. There are 20 custom fields now available for students, 10 for teachers, and 3 for contacts (parents only).

Extended Aerias Native API data scheme

Audience: District Admin

Four additional Aerias Native API fields are now available for use: "Program Code" ("Is Identified As Homeless" in GG4L), "Unaccompanied Youth Indicator" ("Homeless Unaccompanied Youth" in GG4L), "Dwelling Type Code" ("Nighttime Residence" in GG4L), and Misc Code.


New filter for OneRoster

Audience: Vendor Admin

GG4L now supports "dateLastModified" filter for all OneRoster endpoints in Data API.


Improved enrollments export handling

Audience: District Admin

Enrollments will no longer be skipped during export to the custom-configured Vendor app. 

Enrollments synchronization fix

Audience: District Admin

An issue with activated/deactivated enrollments in the custom-configured Vendor app no longer occurs.