June, 2023 Release Notes


Support OAuth 2.0 for Infinite Campus SIS OneRoster 1.1

Audience: All

GG4L now supports OAuth 2.0 authentication for the Infinite Campus Student Information System (SIS) OneRoster 1.1 standard. This new authentication method allows for seamless integration and data sharing between GG4L and Infinite Campus, making it easier.

Introducing the Beta Version of GG4L's Grade Sync Service 

Audience: All

GG4L is excited to introduce the beta version of the Grade Sync Service (GSS). This innovative technology enables the seamless transfer and synchronization of grade data between educational software applications, commonly known as vendor's software, and Student Information Systems (SIS) used by schools or districts. Built on the OneRoster Gradebook data standard, GG4L's GSS supports grade passback for leading SIS platforms like PowerSchool, Infinite Campus, and more. Additionally, the list of supported SIS will continue to expand over time. This solution ensures compatibility with major SIS platforms, adheres to industry data standards, provides user-friendly management tools, and covers a broad range of grade passback scenarios.


Powering the integration between GG4L and Blackboard (Anthology) 

Audience: District Admin

GG4L introduces a new integration with Blackboard (Anthology). With this integration, School Passport enables seamless data sharing between various SIS or other data management systems and Blackboard Learn through its Rest API. The collaboration between GG4L and Blackboard empowers educational institutions with enhanced data management capabilities, promoting efficient workflows and improved student experiences.

Deploying School Passport Connect to a new infrastructure

Audience: All

GG4L improves platform security and performance, and optimizes API response times by deploying School Passport Connect to new infrastructure.

Achieving OneRoster/LTI Certification

Audience: All

GG4L has successfully passed the annual OneRoster certification for the following 1EdTech standards: OneRoster 1.1 and Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) v1.3. This certification ensures that GG4L products meet the highest interoperability standards, enabling seamless integration with other education technology tools.