March, 2024 Release notes


PowerSchool Gradebook upgrades

Audience: District Admin

The relationships between entities in OneRoser Gradebook and PowerSchool Gradebook have been improved to provide better grade management. See Activate Grade Sync with PowerSchool.

Automatic provisioning 

An automatic user provisioning feature is now available for Vendor Admins. This option greatly reduces the amount of time needed for user management tasks. See Application provisioning.

Customizing promotional banner

Audience: Vendor 

Vendor administrators now can design, personalize, and preview a promotional or special offer banner for their applications.


New filter for Classes

Audience: All

Grades attribute is now available when configuring filter rules for Classes. Available for OneRoster only.

Improved PII Shield 

Audience: All

The PII Shield has been updated to better user experience.


Enhancing security on end-user pages

Audience: All

An HTML injection vulnerability has been addressed and fixed.