What is MFA and how to activate it?


Multi-factor authentication (MFA) provides you with a more secure login process. It grants additional security if anyone other than you attempts to log in to your School Passport profile using your account. 

Secure MFA based on combining two factors:

  • something you know (such as your email address and password combination);
  • something you have (such as a recovery code).
MFA can be customized for any user profile. 

    Recovery codes

    You will receive ten recovery codes on the end of the MFA customizing which you can store in a safe place. Recovery codes enable you to access your School Passport profile if any other authentication method is not available. For example, if you lost access to your mobile device, then you can use one of your recovery codes to log in to your account if it has MFA  enabled. 

    Screenshot 2022-05-05 at 13.24 2

    Note Each recovery code can be used only once.

    If you use all your recovery codes, then you can regenerate a new list of codes.

    Activating MFA

    To turn on MFA:

    1. On the Header, click on your profile, click Profile My Profile and then go to the Security Settings.
    2. Select the Multi-factor authentication checkbox.
    3. Input your phone number and click Save.
    4. Receive a verification code, input it into the verification window and click Verify.
      Screenshot 2022-05-05 at 13.24 1
    5. Download, print, or copy codes, and click Close.
    For more information about logging in via MFA, see Accessing School Passport, Logging in using recovery codes.

    Note: Once activated, you will have to go through a 2-step login process each time. To deactivation this option, clear Multi-factor authentication checkbox.