November, 2023 Release Notes


New filters for organizations and users

Audience: Vendor Admin

With this update, GG4l introduces a new filtering capability for OneRoster applications. The"/org" endpoint can now be filtered by its type, allowing you to narrow down your search based on specific organizational criteria quickly. Additionally, the "/users" endpoint now supports filtering by type. These new filtering options enhance the efficiency and personalization of your experience.

Veracross V3: Updated Session Type values

Audience: District Admin

The Veracross V3 data source now supports One Roster values in the "Session Type" field, allowing users to easily categorize and identify different types of sessions within the calendar. This new feature improves calendar tracking for an efficient experience in Veracross V3.


Data requirements improvement

Audience: District Admin, Vendor Admin

Filter errors no longer occur when two attributes are marked as “Skip if missing” in the Data Requirements.