February, 2022 Release Notes

Enhancements to Attributes Mapping for Data Import

School Passport Administrators will be able to map custom data attributes from the data import as metadata of the respective entities and share this data with EdTech applications via OneRoster API. Also, sourceId attribute from One Roster data import will be exposed to EdTech applications via OneRoster metadata.

Improvements to the configuration of Google Classroom Application

School Passport now supports caching of Google Classroom classes which allows avoiding delays when loading data for configuration of the integration with Google Classroom.

“Resource owner authorization” with Microsoft ADFS

The Authentication service of School Passport now supports the “Resource owner authorization” grant type for OAuth integration with Microsoft ADFS.

OAuth 1.0 authentication for One Roster API

School Passport added support for OAuth 1.0 authentication method for One Roster API to give GG4L Partners more time for migration to OAuth 2 authentication method.

QR Code Admin Console performance improvements

QR Code Admin Console module underwent refactoring to be able to serve the needs of large school districts.

Security Improvements

GG4L continuously works on every single aspect of security. GG4L completed rotation of SAML signing certificates for all customers. School Passport LTI Tool has been upgraded to support TLS 1.3.

Privacy Policy and Cookies Usage

GG4L is updating the School Passport Privacy Policy. In particular, School Passport will use cookies to carry information necessary for users’ authentication.