January, 2023 Release Notes

Identity Management for Google Workspace

Global Grid for Learning releases 2nd iteration of improvements of Google Workspace IDM App for user provision. Improvements help districts get students and staff up and running on Google Workspace faster, more efficiently, and with better security and privacy. Also, a provision preview feature was developed, which makes the provisioning process more accurate and safe, eliminating any human mistakes. Google Workspace IDM App already allows admins to use various functions and preconfigured templates while generating usernames and passwords.

Ability to customize Section/Class name

To eliminate Class (sections) name duplication, GG4L generates a special attribute - section_alias, used for integrations with various Partners. From now GG4L provides the ability to change the logic of generating section_alias and map/make it the same as the class_name, making data exchange between partners and districts through the School Passport more flexible.

Consistent timestamping of Events in API data feed

After the rollover period and under conditions of massive creation events, some of our Partners were experiencing situations when some data events were not ingested during incremental sync. GG4L releases improvements related to a sequence of Basic Roster API events that eliminate mentioned issues.