February, 2023 Release Notes

Support additional student demographics fields

GG4L currently supports a maximum of 8 standard demographic fields available via the OR 1.1 API. With this update, at least 10 demographic-related categories will be able to support by default.

Veracross SIS: Data sync improvements

GG4L now supports the extraction of Calendars (Terms) from Veracross SIS v3 to Vendors. With this change, the data sync process between Veracross SIS v3 and third-party Vendors improves by extending the number of supported attributes that can be utilized in the data exchange. This is important for data completeness and is required by some Vendors. 

Discovery API: Extending payload 

GG4L now extends a data payload for Discovery API, by adding 3 new attributes: NCES ID (required attribute for some Vendors), school-year rollover period (the start and end time of Data Rollover Period), and has Access Issues (detects access issues). This optimization allows Vendors to enhance control/monitoring of directory integrations.

Skyward's Qmlativ: Migration to new path of Demographics API 

 Since Skyward has announced releasing improvements that change the path in Qmlativ API to Demographics, GG4L has deployed changes on its side.