April, 2023 Release Notes

School Passport: Filtering Data by Metadata

GG4L expands data filtering capabilities by enabling Application Partners to filter and review data in School Passport based on metadata value. With this new feature, Application Partners can easily confirm data provided by school districts, making the data management process more efficient and user-friendly.

GUIDs of Emergency Contact in User Metadata

GG4L expands a list of supported attributes associated with the Contact user type. This enables data consumers to have better control over student safety by allowing them to define who is authorized to pick up students or contact them in case of emergency. This change ensures better student safety and enhances the overall data exchange process through GG4L. 

Basic Roster API: Export Schema Extension

GG4L extends the API model of the Basic Roster API scheme by adding an SIS (Student Information System) identifier for the Contacts. To reduce errors in data exchange, a Contact SIS identifier is now formed based on first and last names, email, and phone. It allows Vendor Admins to avoid many inconveniences and problems related to new user creation. This upgrade enhances the functionality of GG4L, making it a more valuable tool for Application Partners and School Districts.

PII Shield: Improvements to Privacy Protection

 GG4L releases improvements to Personal Identifiable Information (PII) data protection mechanism to prevent data loss and enhance integrations. Customers can now customize the level of PII data exposure according to their risk profile. This upgrade enhances the overall functionality of the platform and it allows greater control over data management, ensuring the security of sensitive information.