September, 2022 Release Notes

One Roster v1.1 - support for Grading profile (GG4L is REST API Provider)

GG4L will support gradebook sharing (Categories and Line Items) and learning results (Scores, Grades) with Vendors.

Support of "tobedeleted" status of the data record

School Passport will support "tobedeleted" status as an optional feature of One Roster specification. 

Assignments 2-way sync with Google Classroom

School Passport will support two-way sync of Assignments between Google Classroom and SIS/LMS. GG4L, as a middleware, will be able to reconcile records between Google Classroom and SIS.

Transformation of Course-Class hierarchy

The unique logic transformation of the Course-Classes hierarchy will be deployed (based on grade cohorts).

Support of “Lead Facilitator” role

School Passport will support the "Lead Facilitator" role, which is assigned to users using data import from a secondary data source.

Improvement of authentication mechanism - “School” selection

Authentication depends on the organization selected by the user. For users with multiple schools, authentication was working only if the correct school was selected.

With this release authentication will work for all users under the District, if they selected any school that belongs to the District.

Support of configuration-driven redirect after logout 

This feature will allow redirecting a user to a customer-defined URL once they log out from the SSO-integrated application.

Roll out of "Log in with GG4L" for users with multiple roles (for existing customers)

School Passport has recently added support for multiple role profiles per User. When an EdTech vendor consumes data of a User with multiple roles - data will be represented with one record instead of multiple ones.