School Passport for students and teachers with no admin privileges

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Application dashboard

School Passport provides a lot of advantages for teachers. It supports both on-site and remote online teaching and learning, from school or home. It improves student engagement and saves class time by making it easier for students to find and log into resources. Also, it enables teachers to safely and instantaneously activate new apps from the School AppStore.

For students, School Passport provides easy access to school apps, ensures student online safety while protecting private data, and utilizes safe access credentials, such as QR codes for younger students, etc.

Upon logging in as an admin to the School Passport, you will reach the main page:

main_non admin


Click the gear icon to log out or to change your password.



In the top-left corner, you can open a menu by clicking the burger icon.


From this menu, you can also change password, create bookmarks, or logout.


Applications dashboard

Application Dashboard allows teachers and students to access all activated Apps and resources with Single Sign-On (SSO) through the School Passport Portal, enabling access to company-approved applications and websites without the need to log in again. This includes SSO and cloud applications. Applications on the Dashboard can be organized into folders.

main_non admin-1