Create a Sync Schedule

You will learn how to plan your synchronization to start automatically after a pre-determined interval.

To start and run your sync on a schedule, you can use the Sync Schedule feature. You can set a date and time for beginning the sync and its frequency.

Note: If you need to run synchronization outside the predefined schedule, you can manually initiate it by clicking the Run Sync button on the app page.


If you have more than one data sync app (Import, Export, or 2-way sync) consider, it is crucial to configure the Sync Schedule in the following order:

  1. Import apps (e.x. Skyward, FACTS, Active Directory)
  2. 2-way sync apps (e.x. Google Classroom, PowerSchool)
  3. Export applications (e.x. Lightspeed, CrisisGo, FinalSite)
When configuring the Sync Schedules for all apps, consider the average time needed for data sync on each app.

To create the Sync Schedule:

  1. Under the Home page, select the desired Import or 2-way Sync app.
  2. Go to the Settings Settings > Schedule tab.
  3. Activate the Sync Schedule.
    Sync Schedule_
  4. Set sync frequency and time.
  5. (Optional) Choose the end date for automatic synchronization. Once this date is reached, data sync will be stopped.
  6. Click Save.

After the creation of the Sync Scheduler, the date of the next sync displays on the app's detail page.

Sync Schedule_Next sync date