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Teachers/Students accessing Coursera from Schoology

In this article, you can find a detailed description of the proper way of accessing Coursera from Schoology LMS using GG4L as a middleware provider for the integration

  1. To access the Coursera course, the LMS learner should navigate to the corresponding Schoology course and click the link to the Coursera course in the Materials view:

    Please note: we recommend opening the link in a new tab, so that the user can go back to their Schoology page.

  2. Once the student has opened the link in a new tab, an anonymized Coursera account will be created. At this step, the user is prompted to complete enrollment into the Coursera Learning Program. All that needs to be done, is to click Continue:

  3. Once the anonymized Coursera account is created, the student will be navigated to a respective Coursera course page and can start the learning process.