Data-Sharing Request Creation (District to Vendor)

Product: SP Connect (Data-Sync) Module

Privileges: Primary Admin privileges

Audience: ✅District Admin      ✖️Vendor Admin


Usually, data-sharing requests are sent from the Ed-Tech Vendor to districts/schools, and District Admin only reviews it, sets the expiration time, and approves it. However, there is a way for the district Admin to create a data-sharing request for the Ed-tech vendor.

To send a Data-Sharing request for Ed-Tech Vendor, please follow the instruction below: 

  1. Log into School Passport, navigate to the Connect (Data-Sync) module;
  2. On the left sidebar navigate to the Application Gallery;
  3. In the Application Gallery, find the desired application and click on it;
  4. Click on the ACTIVATE button; 

  5. Data Access Consent will appear. On the data Data Access Consent page, you can select which schools’ roster data needs to be shared;
  6. Enable PII Shield, which excludes PII data from the sharing (optional). For more details about PII Shield, please click here.
  7. Select Attributes to exclude from data sharing by unchecking the corresponding checkboxes (optional);
  8. Also, it is possible to add Filter Rules and add attachments (optional);
  9. Set up Expiration Time. The Expiration Time is the period within which the district's data will be available for Ed-Tech vendors;

    Note: After the selected date roster data will not be available for the Ed-Tech Vendor.

  10. Accept the Terms of Use and/or Privacy Policy of the respective Ed-Tech Vendor;
  11. Click on the blue ACTIVATE button. A pop-up window with the Data Access Consents Summary will appear. Review it and click on the SEND REQUEST button. 
  12. You will see a confirmation window with pending approval. You will get a notification once the Ed-Tech Vendor approves a data-sharing request.