Extend an Expiration Time for Vendor App

Learn how to extend the expiration time for application data access to ensure uninterrupted workflow.

Audience: ✅District Admin      ✖️Vendor Admin 

Data sharing with a Vendor app is limited to the specified expiration time. When the time is about to expire, a notification will be displayed on the app panel to alert you. When the time has expired, the data sharing is suspended. To resume, an extension of the expiration time is required.


To ensure smooth operations, it is recommended to set the Expiration Time for 1-2 school years or for the time of the signed with Ed-Tech Vendor contract.
  1. Sign in to School Passport and select Connect.
    Main page_Connect

  2. From the Home page, select an app. Apps with expired data access have Expired status.
  3. Click Edit Expiration Time. If the expiration of data access is upcoming, a notification is displayed on the top. Click the link within the notification.
  4. In the dialog, choose a date and click Save.
    Expiration Time dialog