June, 2024 Release Notes


PII Shield updates

Audience: All

The School Passport PII Shield has been updated:

  • Updated the name: "PII Shield" is now "Privacy Shield".
  • Added levels: Privacy Shield now supports varying levels of privacy protection, allowing users to customize their privacy settings according to their specific requirements. See What are Privacy Shield Levels?
  • Changed data masking: The masking rules have been updated, and now there are new attributes available for masking, such as Username, Middle Name, Birth Date, and Phone Numbers.

Adds MFA for students and teachers

Audience: District Admin

District Admins now can configure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for students and teachers through the Passport Login feature. Configuring MFA helps prevent unauthorized access and ensures the privacy and security of users. See Activate MFA for Students and Teachers (Passport Login)


Adds CIDR field for SFTP Import

Audience: District Admin

SFTP Import integrations now include a CIDR parameter for enhanced security, allowing users to control access to the SFTP server by specifying a range of IP addresses. See Configure an SFTP Integration

New grades field

Audience: District Admin

Grade is now available for Enrollments in rosters and on the Attribute Mapping > Enrollments. This field is kept during the rollover period.

Modifies Gradebook response codes

The response codes for the API endpoints "gradebook/scorePassback" and "gradebook/assessments" have been updated from 200 to 201. This change aligns with the OneRoster 1.1 EdTech specification.

Enhancing security

Audience: All

Security against brute-force attacks has been improved. Additional encryption methods have been implemented to enhance data encryption against brute-force attacks.


  • A filtering issue no longer occurs when more than 2 attributes are selected as Required in the Data Requirements tab.
  • An issue with saving members' URLs on deep links for Coursera accounts with Grade Sync without SSO activated has been resolved. Errors in saving members' URLs no longer occur.