Key Features to Try Out

While using School Passport, you will have unlimited access to all powerful features, including the following key components:

Privacy Shield

Privacy Shield safeguards personally identifiable information (PII) by anonymizing sensitive data before it reaches the application. This provides data privacy, security, personalization, authentication, and seamless communication with end-users. Privacy Shield minimizes costs and operational risks by reducing personal data exposure.

To enable Privacy Shield:

  1. From Connect, go to the Data Quality > Privacy Shield and choose attributes to mask.
    Data Quality_Privacy Shield
  2. Go to the Home page, and choose the Vendor's app.
  3. On the app dashboard, click the Request Changes. The Data Access Consent screen will appear.
    Request Changes btn-1
  4. Scroll to the Privacy Shield section, and turn on this toggle. 
    Pii Shield toggle
  5. Details screen will appear. Read for which attributes Privacy Shield will be applied. If you would like to add a few more attributes, make corresponding changes in the Data Quality.
  6. Click the Apply. Once the Vendor applies your request, Privacy Shield will be applied. 

Grade Sync Service

Grade Sync Service (GSS) is a crucial component in modern educational systems, enabling the seamless transfer of grades and learning achievements between a school's Student Information System (SIS) and various Ed-Tech Vendors. The Grade Sync allows efficient and accurate synchronization of the gradebook data, ensuring student grades are consistently updated across different platforms and applications. For more information, see Grade Sync Service (GSS).

Privacy Governance Console 

Privacy Governance Console (PGC) is designed to provide District Admins with monitoring capabilities of personally identifiable information (PII) for their organization. Using the PGC, admins can perform security and governance tasks such as audits and usage checks. For more information, see Privacy Governance Console (PGC).