Grade Sync Service

Learn what`s is School Passport Grade Sync Service.

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The Grade Sync service is a crucial component in modern educational systems, enabling the seamless transfer of grades and learning achievements between a school's Student Information System (SIS) and various Ed-Tech Vendors. The Grade Sync allows efficient and accurate synchronization of the gradebook data, ensuring student grades are consistently updated across different platforms and applications.

Important: The Grade Sync is only available for PowerSchool and Infinite Campus. Other partnerships are in development.

Why use Grade Sync?

In traditional educational organizations, grade management across multiple systems may be a complex and time-consuming task. Teachers often have to manually input grades into different software apps, which can result in mistakes, differences, and delays in updating grades. This complicated process makes it harder for teachers to manage grades and makes it difficult for students and parents to see their grades in real-time.

The Grade Sync addresses these challenges by enabling a seamless flow of gradebook data between the SIS and Vendors' software applications. 

Grade Sync customer and partner benefits


  • Streamlined grade management: The Grade Sync service simplifies the process of managing grades by automating data entry and reducing the risk of errors and inconsistencies. This saves teachers valuable time, allowing them to prioritize instruction and student engagement.
  • Enhanced user experience: The Grade Sync service improves the experience for students and parents by providing real-time grade updates. This enables them to access accurate and up-to-date information about academic progress, empowering them to monitor performance, set goals, and take timely actions to improve learning outcomes.
  • Collaboration and data-driven decision-making: The Grade Sync service promotes collaboration and data-driven decision-making within educational institutions. By integrating the SIS with Vendors' software applications, educators and administrators gain access to comprehensive data analytics and reporting tools. This empowers them to analyze student performance across different platforms, identify trends, and make informed instructional decisions based on reliable data.

Application Partners

  • Enhanced software offerings: The Grade Sync service presents an opportunity for Application Partners to enhance their software offerings, providing a more comprehensive and valuable solution to schools.
  • Increased adoption rates: By integrating with the Student Information System (SIS) through GG4L's Grade Sync Service, Vendors can increase the adoption rates of their software, as it becomes seamlessly accessible to schools.
  • Seamless data exchange: The integration with the SIS enables a seamless exchange of data, specifically gradebook information. This ensures that the data is accurate and consistently updated, improving the overall reliability and credibility of the vendor's software.
  • Improved credibility: With accurate and consistently updated gradebook information, the vendor's software gains credibility among schools, teachers, and administrators, further establishing its reputation in the education sector.
  • Streamlined processes: By leveraging GG4L's Grade Sync service, vendors can streamline their processes and eliminate the need for manual data entry or synchronization. This saves time and effort, allowing vendors to focus on other software development and support aspects.
  • Customer satisfaction: By offering seamless integration with the SIS and providing accurate gradebook information, vendors can improve customer satisfaction among schools, teachers, and administrators. This can lead to long-term relationships and potential referrals within the education community.


The following are some critical scenarios that you can apply to sync grades.