Manage Personal Bookmarks

Learn how to create Personal Bookmarks from the School Passport dashboard to gain individualized access to important links.

Audience: ✅Parent/Guardian ✅District Admin

Bookmarks are Resources that include a title and URL. Bookmarks help you quickly find important sites and tools.

Personal Bookmarks are created from the School Passport dashboard and are available only to the user who created them. Personal Bookmarks provide individualized access to important links. These Bookmarks cannot be editable.

Non-admins (students, parents, and teachers): These users can create only Personal Bookmarks, adjusting access to resources according to their individual needs.

District Admins: These users can create both Personal and Organization Bookmarks

Create a Personal Bookmark

  1. Sign in to the School Passport.
  2. Create a bookmark:
    • On the bottom right, click ➕Create Bookmark.
    • Click Menu > Create Bookmark.
      Create a personal bookmark
  3. Enter a name and URL for the bookmark, and then click Create.
    Create a personal bookmark_Create bookmark dialog

Delete a Personal Bookmark

Move a bookmark to the Drop here to delete.

Create a personal bookmark_Delete bookmark