October, 2023 Release Notes


Grade Sync Service (GSS)

Audience: All

GG4L introduces a new feature called the Grade Sync Service (GSS), which enables the seamless transfer and synchronization of grade data between EdTech (Vendor) software and Student Information Systems (SIS) used by schools or districts. The GSS makes sure that grades can move back and forth between the vendor's software and the SIS. This ensures that the grades are correct in both systems.

The GG4L's GSS is built on the OneRoster Gradebook data standard and supports grade passback for leading SIS platforms such as PowerSchool and Infinite Campus. This solution is designed to be compatible with major SIS platforms, adhere to industry data standards, provide user-friendly management tools, and cover a wide range of grade passback scenarios.


Integration between GG4L and Edsembli

Audience: District Admin

GG4L implements new OneRoster integration with Edsembli, a unified Canadian ecosystem that meets education requirements. Edsembli uses cloud technology and automation to keep staff members informed. This kind of integration extends GG4L's capabilities in Canada's EdTech market. 

PII Governance Console in School Passport - Beta Version

Audience: District Admin

As a new premium feature, GG4L introduces a Beta version of PII Governance Console, which provides school administrators with real-time visibility into the usage of third-party applications, used on student devices, and itemizing each product’s PII data sharing risks and to determine the necessary steps needed to reduce such risks. This dashboard enables IT leaders and administrators to effectively monitor the district's PII data exchange hygiene, ensuring the protection of the widespread exchange of all sensitive information.

Support of the new domain (career.skills) of Qwiklabs

Audience: All

School Passport now supports a new domain of Qwiklabs career.skills.google, which allows you to manage two separate instances within a single Qwiklabs account. The new Qwiklabs sessions will be generated exclusively on the new domain. However, the edupilot.qwiklabs domain will remain accessible in School Passport to support current students who are still using it. All new Google Career Certificates will be available on the new domain. These new certificates also can be published within the existing LMS integration using the LTI tool. Please note, that the Grade Sync Service is also included.

External Penetration testing

Audience: All

GG4L demonstrates a commitment to platform security and protecting the system by conducting external penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses. This improves platform security and increases system protection by assessing security strength and vulnerabilities.