May, 2023 Release Notes


Improvements to integration with native API of Skyward

Audience: District Admin      

GG4L introduces new capabilities that make it easier to obtain and manage emergency contacts and staff information. Using the Skyward Native API, users can now retrieve emergency contact and staff data from district and school-level organizations. The information can be extracted from the endpoint that provides the emergency contact information. This update also allows for importing data from the relevant endpoint, making the process more flexible.

The ability to import topics as category from Classroom

Audience: District Admin      

GG4L develops a solution to import topics from Google Classroom as OneRoster categories, which serves as the technical equivalent of Google Classroom categories.  



Persistence of User ID after update of PowerSchool plugin

Audience: District Admin      

GG4L expands its functionality with a fix that maintains existing user GUIDs after updating the PowerSchool plugin. This ensures seamless synchronization, eliminating the need for users to reinstall the plugin to access shared co-teachers or retrieve original class grades post-integration, which previously caused issues for EdTech data  consumers.

Improved Sync History for GG4L Partners

Audience: Vendor Admin

GG4L enhances the shared pool functionality for GG4L Partners. With this feature, Application Partners with multiple connected districts can easily monitor and track sync history for their global shared pool, along with its "Last Consumption" date and "Sync History", on the Home>"My Institutions".


Correction to sync of relationships for Student Contacts 

Audience: District Admin   

GG4L fixes an issue where contacts are shared with the wrong type, such as "mother" rather than "Other" when syncing multiple students with different relationships. With this fix, Application Partners can now receive via API the contact type that is assigned to a student's record, which is important in identifying the appropriate contact for a particular student.