Activate Grade Sync with Infinite Campus

Discover how to sync and update grades across Infinite Campus with the Grade Sync feature.

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Enable Grade Sync

Interface changes after Grade Sync activation

Supporting Grade Sync to Infinite Campus offers flexible grading options that cater to diverse grading methodologies used by educators. It supports various grading scales, including traditional percentage-based, points-based, and standards-based grading. This flexibility allows teachers to align their grading practices with their instructional goals and reporting requirements.

School Passport supports both versions of Infinite Campus API - 1.1 and 1.2. 

Caution:  Infinite Campus API 1.1 does not support Assessment Line Items and Assessment Results.

Enable Grade Sync

Note: The Grades Sync can only be enabled during the app creation process.

  1. Sign in to School Passport and click Connect.
    Main page_Connect
  2. From the Application Gallery, choose the Infinite Campus app.
  3. Click Activate. The following steps to configure grade sync in the app will vary based on the synchronization mode you choose.
  4. On the Sync Mode, select the desired mode and click Next >.
    Blackboard_Configure app_Sync Mode
  5. (If Import mode) Request the Grade Sync activation through the GG4L Support Team. Once the activation is confirmed, proceed with configuring.
  6. On the Delivery Config, enter the following details:
    Infinite Campus_Delivery Config
    • Service URL: URL where your API is accessible for your Infinite Campus. 
      For API 1.1,  use the following format: [URL]/api/ims/oneroster/rostering/v1p1
      For API 1.2,  use the following format: [URL]/api/ims/oneroster/rostering/v1p2
    • OAuth Client ID and OAuth Client Secret: Use to connect to Infinite Campus API.
    • Authentication URL: Uses for the authentication process in an Infinite Campus.
    • (if APIs 1.2) Vendor Key and Vendor Secret: Use to connect to the Vendor's API. To obtain these keys, submit the corresponding request to Infinite Campus support.
  7. In the Master Fields, create merging rules to a correct grade exchange between Vendor`s app and PowerSchool. For more information about correct Master Fields Customization, see Manage Master Fields for Grade Exchange.
    Infinite Campus_Master Fields
  8. Customize other settings and complete an Infinite Campus configuration.

To prevent data duplication when syncing data from Infinite Campus to School Passport, it is necessary to set up the Master Fields for various data entities. For detailed instructions on how to customize the Master Fields correctly, see Manage Master Fields for Grade Exchange.

Interface changes after Grade Sync activation

When Grade Sync is successfully activated for Infinite Campus, there are following changes appear:

Grade entities

In Settings > Attribute Mappings, the grade entities, such as Line Item, Result, and Category, display.

Attribute Mapping_Gradebook entities


After data syncing, the Gradebook data displays at the Data Browsing > Gradebook.

Data Browsing_Gradebook

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