Data-Sharing Request Approval (District to Vendor)

Audience: ✅District Admin      ✖️Vendor Admin

One of the main features of the Connect (Data Sync) module is to standardize the data from a district in preparation for transmission to a vendor. To request access to a district's data, a vendor creates a Data Access request.

The vendor’s Data Access request will be displayed under the Export or All tab of the main home screen. The Data Access request will contain the vendor's logo and will look as shown in the screenshot below:


To approve the Data Sharing request from Ed-Tech Vendor, please follow the instructions below: 

  1. Login to your School Passport  profile, and navigate to Connect (Data-Sync) module;
  2. Click on the new Vendor's app, with the request notification included.
  3. Choose the Consents tab and click on the Awaiting your review, the Details screen appears:
  4. On the details screen, you may see all the details of the data request: message from the vendor, which schools' data is required for the vendor, and what attributes of your data are requested:
  5. Lastly, you can add filter rules, upload documents to be shared (i.e., District Privacy Policy, contract if needed), set the expiration date for the data sharing to end, and accept the terms of use.
      Once you click the APPROVE button, the data synchronization process will start between the district and vendor.
  6. If there is something you would like to correct in the data-sharing request, you can apply filter rules for data sync, by clicking the corresponding button:

    If you would like to change the list of shared schools or attributes, you can click the REJECT button and Customize the Data Sharing Request following the instructions.

Note: By providing access to school data, you also provide access to all data in GG4L School Passport that is associated with the district office (for example, Teachers and Students data that is associated with the district office rather than with a particular school in a district).