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Moodle - Coursera Granular Grade Sync Integration over LTI

Coursera course(s) or gradable item(s) that constitute a Coursera course can be integrated into Moodle using LTI 1.3 technology. Once a Coursera course(s) or gradable item(s) is enabled in Moodle environment, following the instructions in this document, users will be able to Single Sign-On to Coursera course(s) or gradable item(s) right from the Moodle learning management system (LMS) and learning results (LTI 1.3 compliant Score objects) can be synced in the form of an aggregate score for a Coursera course(s) or at the level of the gradable item(s) to Moodle LMS.

Article content:

General Integration Overview Video

Grade Sync Options Overview Video

LTI Setup for Granular Grade Sync Instructions

General Integration Overview Video

Grade Sync Options Overview Video

Note: for more info about grade sync see the article Grades sync to LMS from Coursera

LTI Setup for Granular Grade Sync Instructions

Attention: If you are interested in FINAL GRADE SYNC, please follow the instructions from the given article

If you would like to proceed with the GRANULAR GRADE SYNC option, please follow the instructions given below. 

Configuring granular grade syncing, School Passport supports two options for a granular sync:

Option A. LMS Instructor is responsible for creating Moodle activities that are LTI deep-linked to the gradable item(s) that constitute a Coursera course. LMS gradebook will be populated with the entry for each deep-linked Moodle activity that corresponds to a gradable item of the Coursera course.

Option B. LMS Instructor will create a single Moodle activity that represents the entire Coursera course. School Passport will populate the LMS gradebook with entries for all gradable item(s) that constitute a given Coursera course.

The integration setup steps are the following:

  1. Configure Coursera course as an LTI tool;
  2. Publish Coursera courses in your LMS;
  3. Access Coursera courses from Moodle;
  4. Sync learning results from Coursera to Moodle.

The detailed instructions are given below.

Configuring Coursera Course as an LTI tool

  1. Log in to your Moodle website as an Administrator;
  2. In the Admin Menu, select Site administration;
  3. Navigate to the Plugins tab;
  4. Click on the Manage Tools link in the Activity modules section;
  5. In the Manage tools window, click on the configure a tool manually link;
  6. In the External tool configuration section, click on EXPAND ALL to display all settings.
  7. Enter the following information in the External tool configuration section:

    Navigate to the Services section

    • IMS LTI Assignment and Grade Services: Use this service for grade sync and column management
    • IMS LTI Membership: Use this service to retrieve members’ information as per privacy settings 
    • Tool Settings: choose “use this service”.

    Navigate to Privacy:

    • Share launcher's name with tool: Always
    • Share launcher's email with tool: Always
    • Accept grades from the tool: Always
    • Check Force SSL

    The Coursera LTI tool is now set up.

    Click on VIEW CONFIGURATION DETAILS: image17Copy and save “Tool configuration details” which are needed for GG4L School Passport configuration. Please, send the values to the GG4L Customer Support before publishing the courses.

    Publishing Coursera courses in your LMS

    This section describes publishing Coursera Course(s) into a Moodle course.

    1. Log in to Moodle as an Instructor/Administrator;
    2. Open the course or create a new one;
    3. In the dropdown menu select the Turn editing on option:
    4. In the Add an activity or resource window, select External tool, and click ADD:
    5. Click EXPAND ALL;
    6. Click on the SHOW MORE button in the General section;
    7. Fill in the following fields
      Activity name: Coursera course name
      Activity description: Provide a description
      Display description on the course page: Yes
      Display activity name when launched: Yes
      Display activity description when launched: Yes
      Preconfigured tool: Tool that was created in the "Configuring Coursera Course as an LTI tool" section
      Click the SELECT CONTENT button:
      When Option A is selected. For creating activities that are LTI deep-linked to the gradable item(s) that constitute a Coursera course - choose the Course then choose the line item and click the SUBMIT button.

      When Option B is selected. For creating a single activity that represents the entire Coursera course - choose the Coursera program -> course and click the SUBMIT button.

      Launch container
      : New window
    8. Click on the SAVE AND RETURN TO COURSE button;
    9. The Coursera link is displayed in the course.
    10. Repeat the steps to add the rest of the available Coursera courses.

    Accessing Coursera Course(s) or gradable items that constitute a Coursera Course from Moodle

    To access the Coursera course an LMS learner/instructor would navigate to a Moodle course and click on the hyperlink that is associated with the corresponding Coursera course.


    Once the user is redirected to Coursera for the first time, the user is prompted to complete enrollment:

    There are 2 scenarios at this stage:

    1. The user already has a Coursera account: the system will ask the user to provide an email address and a password for the existing account:image16

    2. The user is new to Coursera: the system will prompt the user to create a password:

    Once the user establishes an association with the Coursera program, they will be navigated to a respective Coursera course page and need to click "Enroll":

    Note: here is a link to the article on how to access Coursera. You can share with your students.

    Please note: some browsers have pop-up blockers set by default which prevent users from showing the page. Please make sure the blocker is turned off before you access the course. 


    Syncing learning results from Coursera to Moodle

    To examine the learning results from Coursera for learners, who are enrolled in the Moodle course, LMS Instructor needs to use the Grades submenu of the respective LMS course.

    Option A
    Screenshot 2022-04-11 at 09.42 1
    Grades are shown in Moodle when a learner completes the respective course or gradable item in Coursera.

    Option B
    Screenshot 2022-04-11 at 09.43 1