School Passport Portal for admins and teachers with admin privileges


Application Dashboard

Management tools (Connect; AppStore)

Special Offers


The School Passport Portal provides admins with high-level access to all available functions and the Resources area that includes all the Resources and Bookmarks available to a user. Also, it provides access to additional data management tools and SSO applications compared to regular users. Only admins can add roster and SSO applications to the School Passport Portal.

After the application has been successfully added to the School Passport Portal, you can manage which users or groups need permissions to the application. By default, when you add an application, no users are assigned to the application. In other words, newly added applications in the School Passport Portal console are inaccessible until you assign users to them.

Once you get logged in to the School Passport Portal as an admin, you will get to the following screen:


School Passport Portal consists of four parts:

  • Toolbar;
  • Application Dashboard;
  • Management tools (AppStore and Connect module);
  • Special Offers;


The Toolbar in the upper right corner of the screen consists of the following items:

  • Burger menu. Having clicked it, the right-side menu opens. Here, you can change your password, create a bookmark, reset applications, and sign out. If you have Administrator privileges for this Organization, then there will be an Admin Console link and Connect at the top of the list. Clicking the AppStore menu item accesses the admin dashboard.
  • School Passport logo.
  • User name and Organization name
  • Tutorial icon. The icon is clickable. Once clicked, it asks whether the user would like to run a tutorial.
  • Gear wheel icon. The gear wheel is also clickable. It opens a two-item menu that allows users to change a password and sign out. Also, there is a tutorial button that can walk you through the main features of the School Passport Portal.


Application Dashboard

Application Dashboard provides access for teachers and students to all activated Apps and resources for them. With SSO, meaning Single Sign-On, after you’re logged in to the School Passport Portal, you can access all company-approved applications and websites without having to log in again.

On the Dashboard, different types of Apps can be arranged in folders.


Management tools (AppStore and Connect modules)

Users with admin privileges are endowed with access to additional management tools as AppStore (SSO management toll) and Connect module (Data management tool).

There are two ways how to access mentioned above admin management tools:

  • From the Application dashboard:image7
  • From burger menu:image1

For more details about the AppStore module click here.

For more details about the Connect module click here.

Special Offers

GG4L has special arrangements with Ed-Tech Vendors that allow you to use certain products with a free trial. There are five special offers available:

  • Codementum (Codementum offers free of charge trial period for 2 months that covers the following: 7 subjects and 70 scenes from the Studio, 1 Appmaker project, 1 Gamemaker project, 2 AI/ML documents, 3 STEM projects, 2 Computer Science documents);
  • Coursera for Campus (Free access to Coursera courses for 30 days);
  • SchoolTube (SchoolTube can be implemented free of charge, supported by school-appropriate ads and sponsors. Ad-free, subscription-based plans are available for individual, school, and district-wide deployment. Learn more by reviewing the SchoolTube Ad-Free Options);
  • SP Engagement (Free access to full analytics data for 30 days);
  • SurfWisely (Schools will get access to 2 subjects and content for free. Schools will have access to two free subjects with content, video, and curriculum for an unlimited time. The remaining subjects will have to be paid for to unlock the remaining subjects.)