Activate Parent Portal for Your Organization

This article will guide you through the steps required to activate the Parent Portal.

Audience: ✅District Admin 

To sign in to the Parent Portal, you'll need to enable a Parent Portal account for your district. A Parent Portal account lets parents in the district use the Parent Portal features to track their children's activities including features such as adding an app, or creating a Bookmark.

Step 1. Sync parents' data

To enable the functionality of the Parent Portal, parent data must be imported to School Passport Connect. This ensures that all relevant information is up-to-date.

Step 2. Access support 

Once you import parent data from a data source to School Passport Connect, reach out to the GG4L Support Team to request the activation of Parent Portal functionality. Contact the designated support channel, such as email or Customer Portal, and clearly state your request. Provide essential details, such as your district name, and account information.

Step 3. Await support request

The GG4L Support Team will review your request and activate the Parent Portal account for your organization.  Necessary instructions will be provided to ensure successful activation. Please be prepared to provide any additional information the Support Team requests.

Step 4.  Configure login method for parents

After receiving a response from the GG4L Support Team, configure the sign-in for parents through a third-party IdPs or with their School Passport credentials. Currently, parents can get access via the following login methods:

Note: Parents who choose to log in with their School Passport credentials will required to create a Parent Portal account initially. However, parents who use Google and Facebook logins do not need to complete any additional account setup steps.

Step 5. Add apps to the Parent Portal

Once you have configured a login method for parents, you need to assign suitable apps to parents and guardians. For a comprehensive guide, refer to the Parent Portal: Change App Assignments for Parents.

Also, you can create bookmarks for parents' quick access to external resources in the Parent Portal. To do so, see Manage Organization Bookmarks.

Step 6. Finish

When you finish configuring, send an invitation to parents/guardians with a link to the Parent Portal, allowing them to start using it immediately.

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