Set up SSO for your organization

Discover how to enable an SSO login for your district.

Audience: ✅Primary District Admin

You can link your district with an external identity provider (IdP) for single sign-on (such as Google, Microsoft, or Facebook). Additionally, you can connect to another provider using our custom Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML).


  • To use IdP, District Admin must enable SSO for their district. 
  • To use Facebook SSO, your Facebook account must be linked with a username, instead of a phone number.

Enable SSO

  1. Log in to the School Passport portal as a Primary District Admin.
  2. Navigate to the Connect.

  3. Go to the Administration.
    Navigation pane_Administration
  4. Go to the Login Methods Add Identity ProviderIf you have any activated login methods, click Add_button_filled Add on the bottom right. 
    Administration_login Methods_Add IdP
  5. Choose SSO.
    Add Identity Provider
  6. Click Activate to enable the integration. The page closes and you return to the Login Methods.
  7. To log in, follow the next steps for your provider: